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Free pet classifieds! Read or post Albury Wodonga pet ads!

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Albury Wodonga Exchange pet classified ads provide a free and or affordable and easy to use advertising medium for Albury Wodonga people to buy and sell animals and related pet goods and services.

There are also many genuine reasons why people are no longer able to keep their pets and large no's of people have also used these classifieds to re-home their animals to loving, caring adoptive families.

Advertise Albury Wodonga pet care services including mobile pet grooming, dog walking and pet minding.

You may also advertise pet goods like fish tanks, bird aviaries, animal hutches and so forth.

You can also use the pet classifieds to advertise lost and found animals.

You may advertise all types of animals including: dogs and puppies; cats and kittens; birds; fish; rabbits; guinea pigs; reptiles; horses and more.

To use the Albury Wodonga pet classified ads simply click the SUBMIT button and follow the prompts to enter details. It should only take a minute or two.

Remember to include a full description – include the age and breed of the animal, as well as the temperament, colouring, size and any other relevant details as well as the price (where applicable).

Free ads may contain one image and upgraded ads up to five images as well as priority listing. Make sure you upload a picture - a picture really does say a thousand words!

Pet ads may be edited. So, for eg if you have a litter of puppies and you sell one you can quickly update your existing ad.

Sadly, many frauds attempt to extort money from people by pretending that they are selling or even buying pets online.

The only effective protection against scammers is local Albury Wodonga face-to-face inspection and trading of animals - that is STRONGLY recommended.

The preferred mode of communication of frauds is email and they will also favour transfers, wire and cheques. Never believe anyone who tells you they are temporarily overseas or other such tales. Use the protection of the sites mail system and be wary of any response which directs you to email them directly. Albury Wodonga Exchange recommends you NEVER deal with, respond to and report any overseas advertiser or respondent.

To try and offer protection Albury Wodonga Exchange does not allow direct email addresses in ad text and a contact number is required to help you verify legitimacy. If you are considering buying from a breeder located distant to Albury Wodonga you should ask for and call a landline and check that in the local directory. You should also get a verifiable email address as free email addresses and web pages are generally untraceable. If you have made thorough enquiries and decide to go ahead with a breeder you have not physically met with, you should ensure you use choose a method of payment that affords a degree of protection for eg a credit card with chargeback or a secure pay on delivery service.

Exchange Classifieds attempts to identify, reject and bar many fraudulent submissions and protect legitimate users as possible but it is important to always apply commonsense and vigilance.


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